Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blah blah blog

So I finally did it . . . I have officially entered the wonderful world of blog. There are several reasons I have undertaken this journey:

  1. I am very competitive (strengthsfinder has confirmed) and my wife has a blog - enough said
  2. I like to tell others about things that I like (or dislike)
  3. Writing helps me think more clearly

My main hope is that others will be encouraged by what Jesus is showing me and allowing me to experience. The title of my blog comes from two opposite thoughts/feelings that consistently occur in my life. The first is that I am like a poet who has somehow found himself on the frontline of battle, armed with only a dull pencil and a notebook with most of the pages ripped out. In other words, I am in way over my head. The second is that I am like a lion who has never realized his rightful place as royalty, but instead has believed the lie that his teeth are only made for grinding in fear. Or, I am swimming in the kiddie pool.

Please journey with me as I discover new music, new ideas, and new experiences that transform me into who I was meant to be:

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